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the number yet nike air max 90 sneakerboot uk
Lohse In Line For $775M Contract - RealGM Wiretap
Baseball executives and agents continue to predict that Kyle Lohse will receive a contract similar to the one C.J. Wilson signed with the Angels last winter.

Wilson got $77.5 million from Los Angeles as a free agent cheap nike air max 90 uk , coming off a World Series appearance with Texas.

Lohse was 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA for the Cardinals in 2012.
Indians Likely To Decline Sizemores Option - RealGM Wiretap The Indians appear to be on the verge of cutting ties with Grady Sizemore. It is expected that Cleveland will decline Sizemore's club option for next season prior to Monday's deadline for a decision. Declining Sizemore's $9 million option would allow him to enter the free-agent market this offseason. With his recent history of injury, Cleveland would likely only have interest in re-signing him to a lesser deal. 锘? You want to have a lot of leads and your marketing will bring them to you. Drive those leads into a local number even if you are not local to them. They are going feel secure. The prospect list that you are mailing to is going to feel more secure if they are calling a local number than if they are calling an 800 number. The perception of an 800 number is that it is a big company nike air max 90 uk , but if it is a local number then it just must be the guy down the street that buys houses. I also recommend using an answering service. If you have people go to voicemail you will lose 50% of your callers. Understand that motivated sellers are really hoping that nobody is there that way they can say well I called but nobody answered the phone. You have to have a live person answering the call. If you have a voicemail 50% of them will not leave a message. The other thing about an answering service is you are going to get seller phone calls at all times of the day and the night. And it?s not always going to be the most convenient time for you. You could be at a nice restaurant and all of a sudden you get this seller call and it is just not going to be appropriate. Or like me, I?m working on something and all of a sudden I get a seller call and it is hard to switch your mental thought process to get ready for this seller call. It is easier if somebody else answers it. One great answering service I recommend to my students is weanswer. What you do is give them your script of questions you?d like to be answered. A live person will answer the phone as if they are your company. In other words nike air max 90 american flag uk , let?s say that you are Mike Buys Houses. They will answer the phone Mike Buys Houses how may I help you? ?Um yeah can I speak to Mike?? They will take the information for you and ask the questions that you have in your script then e-mail you the details. Then you can call them back at your convenience. Even if you are going to call them back right away what an advantage it is to already have that information. Now you have the address so you can go in and pull comps before you call them back and know what the property is worth. You can figure out how much you think you might be able to offer for the property before speaking with them. The only thing that is going to be missing for you is repairs which you will get from them when you start talking to them. You can formulate your plan even before you get on the phone with them. Remember when you get on the phone what your purpose is. The purpose at this point is not to try to sell your service to them. It is not to buy the house. The first purpose of the phone call is to prequalify the caller. Remember I told you you have prospects versus leads. You want to now separate the prospects from the leads. They are all leads coming in but what you want to separate is the tire kickers from the ones that are real motivated sellers. And that prequalification process should take no more than 5-10 minutes on the phone. What you are looking for is the answer to two questions. First, are they motivated and second are the numbers going to work? Unfortunately you can?t say are you motivated to sell your house. You are going to have to build some rapport with them and find out from the questions you are asking what kind of motivation is there. Why is it that they are looking to sell there house right now? How soon do they need to move out? The biggest indication to me as to whether they are motivated is when I start asking some of the personal questions. How much do they owe on their house and I throw out some lowball prices. When they just laugh at me and they almost don?t want to continue on then I know that this person is not really all that motivated. When I explain why I need this information or I explain why my price came in so low and they say ?let?s go on? I know I have a motivated seller. The next question is; Are the numbers even going to work? Are we playing in the same ball park? I don?t have to zero in on the number yet nike air max 90 sneakerboot uk , but I need to get an idea. If I can only pay $150,000 nike air max 90 vt uk , but they owe $250,000 nike air max 90 essential womens uk , then we aren?t even in the same ballpark. Or if they are adamant that they have to get at least 200 and I am at 150 well we are pretty far apart. If I can?t get them off that number then why go forward, because I don?t want to spend an hour with each caller. The first five or ten minutes is just about deciding whether I want to move forward with this caller or not. If they are motivated then I will spend an hour nike air max 90 essential mens uk , hour and a half with this person really building a rapport. I will go as far as making some ballpark offers based on what I already know from the comps and from what they told me about the house. I ask them some questions about the house and based on what they told me give them a ballpark on what repairs will cost. I will give them a ballpark offer if they seem flexible, if it seems like something that they want nike air max 90 essential uk , I will go to the next step. If it is a local house then go out and visit it and if you are working out of a different city then certainly.

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