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How to Enable circular logging in Exchange 2010
Enabling Circular logging might become essential when you are not using a Backup Exec or backup software which truncate transaction logs automatically. If transaction logs are not getting truncated, these will take huge space on the disk. Enabling circular logging will clear transaction logs automatically. Let us see how you can enable Circular logging on Exchange 2010

Open EMC
Browse to Organization configuration > Mailbox.
Right click Database to which you want to enable circular logging and click on properties.
Click on Maintenance tab and check box "Enable Circular Logging". Click Apply Ok and exit.
Not finished yet. You have to Dismount and then Mount database to effect the changes.

You can also use command shell to do this:

Set-MailboxDatabase -CircularloggingEnabled:$true

Please must see this article prior to making a move to Enable Circular Logging which states Why not to Enable Circular Logging

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