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Exchange 2013 how to enable circular logging
Exchange 2013 maintains a single set of transaction log files for each database. A transaction is defined as any operation that changes the state or contents of the database. The transaction log files for an individual database record all the transactions performed on the database. Records of the transactions are written to the transaction logs before they are made in the database itself, to ensure that all committed transactions can be recovered in the event of a database failure. Exchange 2013 database transaction logs are stored on disk before the transactions are committed to the database file.

How to Enable/Disable Circular logging in Exchange 2013
>Login to ECP
>Go to Server 
>Go to Databases
>Click Maintenance
>Check/uncheck circular logging
Refer as in below screenshot

Once Done you will required to dismount and mount database. 
To dismount click on more and select dismount.
To mount click on more and select mount
you can refer Refer below screenshot

Please do let me know if this helped you.

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