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Eagles' Jenkins excels despite busy season with protests, new baby
Daily News, along with many of my colleagues from the Inquirer,This is the first Super Bowl-week edition of Early Birds. The Eagles arrived in Minneapolis on Sunday. So did I, and We’ll have coverage for you throughout the week.

 and that they would need to rely on everyone’s expertise to solve the mystery. Unsurprisingly,Some groups were told that each member had a distinct role, these groups did the best.

 on these teams, groups whose members each had useful information – but weren’t told that the information each possessed was necessary for the team to perform well – did the worst. This happened because,Interestingly,Womens Cameron Sutton Jersey, individual members thought they could solve the mystery on their own.

How might this translate to football? Well, most teams are equally motivated to win the Super Bowl. But none likely understand the role and abilities of each player – and the need to coordinate – better than the Patriots. This is because head coach Bill Belichick’s system is designed to emphasize specific roles linked to specific abilities.

 the Dolphins,For example, he had been an average player. But Belichick had a role in mind for Welker,Womens James Conner Jersey, Belichick traded for undersized wide receiver Wes Welker. On his previous team, in 2007, bringing him to New England with the specific purpose of playing in the slot.

 fastest defensive backs. He just had to do one thing well: Give quarterback Tom Brady a short,Womens Joshua Dobbs Jersey,Importantly, underneath passing option. Welker ended up thriving; his production exploded,Authentic Bud Dupree Jersey, Welker didn’t have to outrun and outjump the opposing team’s biggest, in Belichik’s system, and he redefined a position now occupied by Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

 it makes it easy to adapt to adversity,Authentic Sean Davis Jersey,This type of system serves two functions. First, weaknesses and responsibilities. It creates what management scholars would refer to as a “transactive memory system” – a “group mind” where each team member knows what each other one is good at. This naturally builds interdependence by identifying the specific skills each player needs to contribute to the team. Second, it allows the players and coaches to understand each player’s strengths, setting up a dynamic where players can easily be plugged into roles to replace teammates lost to injury.

 you’re probably pretty confident you can win,Womens Javon Hargrave Jersey,Then there’s the Patriots’ history of winning. Since 2001, eight conference championship games and five Super Bowls. If you’re on the Patriots, they’ve won 15 division titles, regardless of the score or situation.

It’s one thing to tell the media you will win. It’s quite another to truly believe it, even when you’re down three touchdowns.

 has been shown to predict performance in a variety of situations,Indeed, in turn, the greatest predictor of being confident in your ability to win in the future is having won in the past. Confidence in your ability, from sports arenas to the classroom to the workplace.

In a 2016 paper, I explore the New York Yankees’ 2004 acquisition of superstar Alex Rodriguez, and the massive 10-year contract extension they awarded him in 2007. In this case, the Yankees overestimated Rodriguez’s longevity, and his performance started to falter as he aged. But perhaps more importantly, they underestimated the signal it sent to give a single player like Rodriguez – who failed to emerge as a respected team leader – the position of the organization’s most highly paid employee.

In a 2014 study of basketball teams, I was able to show that players who gained the confidence of their teammates not only got the ball more, but also had more plays drawn up on their behalf. For this reason, everyone around them ended up contributing less.

 there’s a struggle to figure out who is going to get the ball. But it also creates opportunities for players with smaller roles to step up.,Authentic James Conner Jersey,So when there’s a loss on the scale of Carson Wentz

After Wentz went down,Authentic Javon Hargrave Jerse,  the performance of the Eagles’ defense surged: The unit allowed only 33 points in their last four games. The offensive line has also played superbly, while the running backs boosted their production.

This likely occurred because when high-performing team members go down,Authentic Joshua Dobbs Jersey, others feel more responsible for the team’s performance. Researchers have been able to show that,Womens Artie Burns Jersey, in lieu of an injury to a key member of a team, other players tend to improve their focus and effort.

Still, the Patriots are probably more reliant on Tom Brady than the Eagles are on any one player. In both of the Patriots’ most recent Super Bowl losses,Authentic Artie Burns Jersey,despite their sound system, the Giants were able to disrupt Brady’s timing, the Patriots, dominate the offensive line and keep Brady off the field with a potent running game. Despite their many advantages,Womens Sean Davis Jersey, in this sense, are more vulnerable.

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