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Ravens begin exploring QB options by working out Ryan Nassib
Thursday night Saints Panthers game was a festival of failure, whichis what we all should have expected from two teams in the NFC South   that par for the course in that division.

But it sure seems like you can say that about a lot of NFL divisions this season. We don know what to attribute it to, but there a lot of condensed stink around the league this year.

Here the cheap basketball jerseys definitive, locked in, unimpeachable ranking of the NFL divisionsfrom the best (there are two good ones) to worst (this is where things became difficult).

[All rankings subject to change.]

Bob Donnan Bob Donnan USA TODAY Sports

There is a precipitous drop between No. 7and No. 6 in these rankings, but the gap between the AFC East and NFC West this season is as distant as the teams.

If not for the Seahawks getting their act together, this division would be much closer to No. 1.

It been a shocking fall from grace for the division which used to be considered the best in football.

The 49ers are bad and seemingly getting worse   they might end the season with one win   the Cardinals, who entered the season with Super Bowl aspirations, are a mess that refuses to get its act together, and the Ramsare a one dimensional team whose offense is going to start a rookie quarterback for the final seven games of the season.

But the NFC South isn even the worst of the Souths   that distinction belongs to the now perennially terrible AFC South, where the only thing that is consistent is bizarre play.

The Texans lead the division despiteaveraging 17 points per game and having the second worst point differential in the division and seventh worst in all of football.

The Colts are a talentless mess surrounding Andrew Luck, who might not make it to 30 behind this offensive line (he been sacked a league Online Wholesale Jerseys China | NFL NHL MLB Soccer leading 33 times so far this season).

This division is so bad that the Titans, at 5 5, might be considered the favorites to win it. The Titansmight as well be aspin off of the Saints, but they might just make the playoffs this year.

Then there the Jaguars, who somehow found a way to get worse   if that was at all possible   this past offseason.

This division should be the worst in the NFL, but it isn because over the last three weeks, a new champion has emerged.

Erik Williams Erik Williams USA TODAY Sports

A true underdog story   the NFC North has gone from one of Cheap Seahawks Jerseys the best divisions in football this season to being the new worst division in the league.

How did this happen?

Well, the Bears have remained a tire fire, the Packers have been exposed by injuries as a fundamentally flawed and imbalanced team that is more prone to in fighting than winning at the moment, and the Vikings have sustained so many injuries to their offensive line that they might not win another game this season.

The best team in this division right now is the Detroit Lions.

THE Online Wholesale Jerseys China | NFL NHL MLB Soccer LIONS!

The Lions who have trailed in the fourth quarter of every game they played this year. The only other team that can also claim that is the Cleveland Browns. Give that factoid a moment to sink in.

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