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Install and Configure VM ware ESXi 4.1 host
As it was stated in previous post that ESXi 4.1 software has a footprint as small as 70 mb, just like firmware insalled on the system. It comes as embedded in a server's physical hardware by vendor or burnt onto an external USB key. But remember that moving ESXi embedded on USB external key from one server to another is not supported. The ESXi software also comes as an installable CD/DVD.

Let's now proceed with the installation. We are considering Dell server which meets all pre-rquisits, hardware requirements etc. and we are installing from a DVD. To know more about hardware requirements please visit below link:

Turn on the server, insert the DVD and boot from disk. Once installation is initiated, it will take few minutes to complete without any further keyboard inputs and you will be presented with following screen after installation is complete.

Next step is to configure your ESXi 4.1 host. Press F2 to go to configuration screen. You will be prompted for user name password. By default admin user is 'root' and password is blank. Once you login you will reach to configuration console know as (DCUI) Direct Console User Interface. The DCUI looks as below:
First thing is to configure root password. It is important to configure root password to be able to login to vSphere client. 

-Configure Host Name
-Configure IP Address, Subnet mask, Gateway
-Configure DNS servers.

Once above configuration is done, press F2 to exit the DCUI and F12 to reboot your host. Make sure you add a host record to your DNS server for this ESXi host. Now you are ready to create virtual machines on your ESXi 4.1 host. Open browser on any machine in the same subnet in which you have your host. Type the host name or IP address of your ESXi 4.1 host and you will be presented with below screen:

Click Download vSphere Client, once download completes continue with the istallation. Once installation is complete launch vSphere client from Start > All programmes >> enter the IP address or Host Name of your ESXi 4.1 host >> user name - root and password.

You are now in virtualisation world, explore all settings and my next post will be about creating virtual machines.

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