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Rest by turns or ranks? the warriors will how to choose
Recently the Warriors in 13 days time, in eight different cities to play eight games, they lost in the game with the Wizards Durant. The Warriors Gordie Howe NHL Jersey lost three games in the last five games, the first time since December 2015. Warriors should turn off the main players, or strive for the first ranking? In 2016, this is related to a historical record, the Warriors players in order to chase 73 wins are willing to stay in the field. Now, the warriors are in a dilemma, and if they cut off the main players for the playoffs, it could affect their regular season rankings.
In the past eight championship teams, only three teams are the regular season first. And in the playoffs, the great Youth Elias Lindholm White Jersey team can also win on the road. Warriors should have accumulated enough experience in the past two seasons, the problem is that they also accumulated an additional "mileage."
In the 2015 playoffs, Curry played more than two times, and in the 2014-15 season and 2015-16 season, the regular season, his playing time into the top 20. During the regular season last season, Curry's number of shots and usage were second. In addition, in the last two seasons, Durant, Thompson and Green are not how to rest.
In the playoffs, home advantage is very important, grab seven home team winning percentage is 80%. But the winning percentage for the 2016 warriors is only 50%, they in the Western Conference finals by grab seven at home to defeat the Thunder, but in the finals of what happened, we all know.
Kerr is concerned about the player's physical condition, before losing to the Celtics on Thursday, he said there are two guys now some "tired" (he did not say who). And the recent struggle of the Warriors, but also to see the Spurs won the first hope in the West, it is related to the playoff home advantage, the current two teams only two wins the gap.
So in the round off and ranking between the warriors should make what kind of choice? "We still want to be the number one seed," Kerr said, "but I will not let the players overdrive for this. We want to be the number one seed that will be the top seed will be good, but you have to go through the whole season get."

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